A global, multimedia project to discover the untold story of the Chili Pepper, the world’s most used spice, and its unprecedented spread around the world.

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It started in Malaysia, a place where chili peppers have a strong presence, when I encountered a shock that would change my life.

The Project

Details on the project plan, research countries, and more.

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Where the Ghost Pepper is From and Why its so Hot

A seemingly obvious question came into my mind when I first discovered that chili peppers were from South America and not, as I always thought, native to India. If chili peppers are from South America, then why is the spiciest chili in the world found in India? That...

The Spiciest Cuisine in India

In India, it is known that South Indian cuisine is spicier than North Indian cuisine  which packs a punch in its own right. And within the south there is a (disputed) king, my mother's homeland, Andhra Pradesh. Light on sauces and butter, heavy on dried chili powder...

Are Chilies Fruits or Vegetables?

Defined by its pungency, coming in many shapes and varieties, the chili pepper holds its secrets close to its heart. For example, how to categorize it? Are chilies fruits or vegetables? It is not on the food pyramid, but looking at what is, it seems, at first, clear...

Chilli, Chili or Chile? And what about Pepper!

I first thought they were "chilies." Right? Wrong. Well, not quite. Like its many uses around the world, the fiery capsicum (the scientific name) can be spelled, and said, in many ways. Google doesn't really help. Chilies brings up Chili's, the restaurant chain, while...

Where are Chili Peppers from?

When I first learned that Chili Peppers are not indigenous to Asia, I was shocked. How could this spice, so essential to the Indian cuisine that I grew up enjoying, not be from India? It is possible that there was once...Indian cuisine without chilies? Where are chili...


Spicy Quest Map

The Chili Pepper Map is an interactive way to learn about the history and journey of the chili, from South America to all around the world. This map will be updated often with new information, and will also trace my own journey to discover and tell the story of the chili pepper.


The regularly updated, interactive, embeddable Chili timeline shows, chronologically, the journey of the Chili Pepper from its wild origins, its early domestication in the Americas, to its global spread and usage today.

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